Thursday, August 16, 2012


I wanted to pet him but I thought better of it.  He is watching me, though.  Wonder why dogs get in to the driver's seat when the human abandons them?  Frannie does the same thing.  She is small enough that she can fit, all curled up, in the driver seat.  This guy is big.

I know this isn't about sewing or sewing machines.  But did you really want to hear all about how I cleaned the house, had MY teeth cleaned and then cleaned the sewing loft?  (Sort of.  It's a work in progress, as always)

Looking at a dog driving is much more fun.....

This of machines and more adventures.  I took the icky tension assembly apart on the 115.  It needs a check spring.  Wonder if the check spring for a 15-91 will work?  I guess I will find out....

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