Sunday, August 26, 2012


Mom came out to the shop today to take the tour.  She was appalled.  Still, she hung in there while I worked on a Kenmore 158.13500.  She offered advice, listened to the noisy bobbin area and helped me figure it out.  She's a trooper.  
It's ready for polish and ready to sew.  I love this machine.  Yes, I love all of them....Mom might be a bit worried.  Oh well.


  1. Replies
    1. Yup. Frannie with her new hair cut.

  2. I think Frannie and Mother both have about the same expression...

    1. Yes. Frannie, however, is used to my chaos. Mother had fears, now confirmed.

  3. I now own four of these Kenmore 158 model sewing machines. I love them all. I wouldn't sew on anything else. I have had my first one since 1981 when it was purchased new. The other machines have hardly been used at all. They sat in a closet for years.

  4. hi elizabeth, i have 2 of these. the one above has bearly been used; i bought it from a little lady who liked sewing and car racing. i bought my first kenmore new fr sears. i moved and can't find my guide, but i know it's in here "somewhere". i've owned a singer w a trindle pedal. the original cording is dry rotten, but it came with a spare. so cool, it doesn't need electricity. for the one above, it came w an elaborate cabinet. i got it set up, but i can't collapse it. slightly frustrating, but i can live w it. i can't live w a computerized machine and its snippy attitudes. they're cheap for a reason. enjoy you machines.