Monday, August 27, 2012

Same tree, different nut.

 Alice saw a little fabric "box" I had made when she was out in the shop yesterday.  I offered to help her make one.  She took me up on it.  She had to practice a bit before actually stitching her project.  
She likes this Kenmore 10 stitch.  I do too.  There is no way she is taking it home.  Instead I have a Kenmore 158.1947 for her.  It has a free arm ("I Have to Have a Free Arm") and it makes a lovely stitch.  It actually is a better machine, heavier and stronger.  Made in Japan, not Taiwan, not that there is a blessed thing wrong with Taiwan. 

Mom was loving it.  I learned today that Mom's mother was not into sewing.  Instead she hired a dressmaker to teach Mom to sew.  She did not sew much during high school but after she got married, she and some of her friends would take sewing lessons from the Home Bureau.  She said that she would work all day and finally, at 10 oclock at night get a chance to sew.  I do remember her sewing away late at night. Especially around Christmas.

I also remember coveting my sister's Sweet Sue doll ( ) It was beautiful and I wanted one ever so much. I asked for one for Christmas that year.  And  Christmas morning there it was under the tree.  I recognized the box!  Oh was I thrilled!  Until I opened the box and found a velvet, hand made DRESS, that I am certain my mother spent HOURS stitching, late into the night.  I was a MOST ungracious child.  I never did get the Sweet Sue Doll.  I did HAVE to wear the dress to church though.  I am sure I hated it.

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  1. Glad to know that lack of graciousness goes with the growing-up territory! I've done it and my daughters do it. :-)