Monday, August 13, 2012

Happy Birthday, AGAIN

Today is Betsy's birthday.  In celebration, yesterday we drove off to West Springfield, MA to shop at Osgoods (  It was overwhelming. 
This is Betsy's cart.  I was not allowed to show her; only her cart

This is my cart, after much of it was already measured and cut.
Russ, the nice gentleman who cut our fabric, was congenial and cheerful.  He suggested that we come back during the week.  It is not as busy then.  I think we just might.  There were a lot of people there.  But no one had carts as full as ours.  It took us an hour just to have our fabric measured and cut and for us to check out. 

This is a wheel on one of the carts.  Talk about a thread nest.  The thing rolls.  But not very well....
We had a blast.

I now have a life time supply of fabric, to match my lifetime supply of sewing machines....

I can't wait to go back in the spring to celebrate MY birthday......


  1. Bet you and Betsy already had a lifetime supply of fabric before you got another lifetime supply

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  3. Thank you for replying so quickly to my email and for being so kind to help us. That is very nice of you. People that sew are nice! LOL!! Yeah, my husband traded a stereo receiver for this Kenmore 158-96 just the other night and we love it so much. Must confess that we are newbies, but have already learned so much. Obviously, still a lot to learn but we're excited about doing so. Love your sewing machine collection! I hope to have a nice collection like that one day. Currently, we have the 158-96, a Singer 99-13 and a wee Singer 24-61 (chain stitch) that is so rare it is hard to find much info on. We have a problem with the automatic tension on it as it tends to rip the thread underneath.

    Today I am going to start my first pattern project - a simple reversible vest. Wish me luck!

    P.S. Love your dog - he is so cute and you did a great job with his hair cut!!!!

    Tina and Jeff Burris