Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Two Nuts and Two Baskets

Alice is way into this Fabric Basket thing.  She wanted to make another so we did today.  She made a bigger one.  I made a different pattern and an even bigger one.  I got the pattern on line.  (http://www.jcarolinecreative.com/Merchant2/merchant.mvc?Store_Code=JC&Screen=STORAGE_BASKETS)

Alice used the same pattern from yesterday; modified for size.
We had a great time. While she was cutting out her pieces, I readied the  Kenmore 158.1947 that she is taking home. I got it stitching and then it started making a terrible racket. I was so upset.  Here was a chance to unload a machine.  It is a good machine, a bit noisy, but makes very nice stitches. It has a free arm.  Cosmetically its beat. 
Kenmore 158.1947
I was happily sewing on it but it started making a terrible rattle.  And the thread kept breaking.  I was BUMMED.  I thought that maybe the shuttle spring was bent or broken.  I took it to the shop. The spring was fine.  I switched out hooks,  I took the bottom off, I pulled the  grease cover.  I just could not figure it out.  Oh well, I have a cute Montgomery Ward that I can service and send home with her.   Then I noticed.
How that stitch selector knob got turned halfway on the special stitches I will never know.  That fixed it.  WHEW!!!

Nut One: Alice (she's from Chicago.  Thus explains the Harry Carrey glasses)
Nut Two: Elizabeth
Two Baskets


  1. This sewing is serious, messy, creative stuff!

    1. True, You have seen my sewing loft? Alice has the tidy gene. She and Mom were sweeping scraps when I went back up after fetching some more supplies. Oh my.