Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Fly Season

There is Turkey Season, there is Deer Season.  In Vermont, there is Moose Season .  In Westford it is fly season.  They are everywhere.  I am gleefully hunting flies everyday with the swatter.  We have one in each room.  Alice was a bit put off when I whacked one right next to her cereal bowl this morning.  OK  I can be a bit more polite.

Still, there is something about killing a fly that is just so satisfying.  I confess. I sure wish I could nail the one that has been buzzing me for the past thirty minutes.


  1. My experience is that if a fly is bothering you, if you hold a flyswatter in your hand, it will not bother you. That can be a little inconvenient at times though. ;)

    1. Which is exactly what happened last night... This morning it is too cool for flies. I love having cows as neighbors.

  2. I've made the same observation as Michelle. Wield a swatter, they vanish. Fly paper is unsightly but extremely effective (and inexpensive!)