Sunday, August 19, 2012

Remember the Pfaff

Today Betsy and I went to fetch a Barrister Book Case for my fabric.  I wanted something that is enclosed to store the fabric.  I found it on Craigslist and she helped me with her truck.

When we got there, both of us knew that it was over priced and cheaply made.  I bought it anyway.  I felt obligated, since I had said that I would buy it.

"I am sure you would pay more for it brand new at Wal Mart."

"Be careful of the back. Don't break the cardboard."

"Look genuine imitation cherry veneer."

Between her teasing me and my perseverating, we have spent the morning laughing and lamenting all at the same time about it.  Of course, we also remembered all the deals we made along with some of the other really really stupid purchases.  We vowed that we would, in the future, save each other from similar mistakes.

"You have to save me, next time Betsy. Just tell me 'No.'

"Yes, but I thought you really wanted it.  OK  how about if you ask me 'What do you think?' and that way if you really want it, you can say so, otherwise we can just say we're sorry and leave."

"OK, I guess that could work.  Still, I can't believe I bought it.  You should have jumped in and stopped me."

"But I thought you really wanted it."

"I did! But it was just STUPID of me to buy it!" 

Betsy is such a good friend.  She just HAD to make me feel better.

"Well, remember that  [expletive deleted]  Pfaff that I bought that has too many steps and I can't figure out how to work and I hate?  See, I do it too. You were there.  You were supposed to stop me then, too!"

"So, when I am about to spend too much on a piece of junk, just say:

'Remember the Pfaff!'"


  1. That's the cabinet you needed to store your fabric? Please, that's the cabinet you should need to store your scraps. Where's the fabric cabinet really, c'mon?

    1. Oh I have more. I have much more. But this one is in ADDITION to the others. See the metal one next to it? That has all of my batting and some fabric. There is one more just like it next to that.....SO THERE!

  2. We all make purchase boo boo's. I found out last night after Louie bought me an old rotary kenmore yesterday, that that model is totally worthless. It supposedly has plastic bushing, which when the machine is warmed up, make the tension go all haywire in the bobbin area. While you unpick the bad stitches, the machine cools down, and then will sew good for a little while longer before it messes up again. Oh well. I guess I won't know until hubby puts on a new cord at this one is PA-thetic, but for what we paid, I got an awesome sewing machine case in very good condition, a good manual for it, and if all else fails, a foot control. Win, win. You have to look at the positive.

    Don't beat yourself up about the cabinet. It's functional and it looks ok too. Have a great Sunday!

    1. I thought the bushing issue was related to ambient humidity not the heat the machine itself generates. And I pretty sure if you are willing to invest in time and effort there are metal replacements available. You should verify that on the Kenmore Yahoo group, though.

  3. Oh, too, too funny! What a great rallying cry! "Remember the Pfaff!" If it didn't hurt to laugh, I'd be rolling around laughing, almost in tears.

    BTW your genuine imitation cherry is pretty. I, too, long to be able to enjoy my stash as art and color.

  4. clearly most reading this blog have more fabric then others would think necessary (spouses)and less then enough for the next project (myself). it's hard to be a sewing machine addict and not be a fabric addict as well. one of these days we will "bring out the gimp" and show some pictures of the "fabric stash", for now trust me, between Elizabeth, me and my sister Peg we could compete with Joanne Fabrics.
    what a lovely obsession!
    tobsmf2 (Betsy)

  5. I am a sewing machine. Technician with 15 years service history ,I always run accros machines and parts and have a few for sale a nice pfaff model 7510 sewing machine and a older pfaff serger model 796.