Saturday, May 26, 2012

Singer 301


I really must "thin the heard" as it is called.  I have a 301 Mocha Long Bed.  I don't need a Short Bed, too.  So this one is elected.  The hook had a burr on it so I switched the hook from my LBOW to this one.  It sews very smoothly and the motor is fine.  I featured this machine on an earlier post  

I cleaned the old grease off of the gears.  I used Tri-Flow grease as the lubricant. It works very well and doesn't spray all over.  It Sticks.

 I cleaned the textolite gear on the handwheel.  I used NO SOLVENTS on this gear.  It is a fibre gear and I did not want anything to absorb into its 60 plus year innards.  I wiped it wipe a cloth and the, using a pick from a nut cracker set,  scraped the old grease out of each crevice VERY GENTLY.
 I pulled the motor and cleaned the worm too.  I admit, I did not scrub the inside of the machine here.  Ray claims that is for cosmetic purposes only.  I agree.

I was just cruising eBay (I can't help it)  there is a 301 someone is trying to sell as "pristine" with black gunk all over the gears.  YECH.  I prefer gears with metal showing and just a hint of moisture from the Tri Flow.  

I hate to see it go, but go it must.  Such is the way of the sewing machine fanatic.  Until I become a hoarder, some of them just have to come for a bit, get cleaned up and stitching and then move on. 

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  1. Hi,
    I purchased a 301A Singer at a thrift store. It appears that it may have been in a cabinet at one time, it doesn't sit flat on any surface. Under the machine is 2 metal bars, looking like a X. Was wondering if you knew if their was a base of some sort I could have put under the machine? Thanks, Bonnie in FL