Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Off Topic: Religion and Politics

It is wise to  never discuss religion and politics in polite company.  My son, Max Perry Mueller, is a Religious Historian (as well as an editor, he will correct my grammar). Today Religion and Politics. Fit for Polite Company (http://religionandpolitics.org) launched.  Max is an associate editor of this online journal.  This is probably the only time on this blog that I will mention politics. Well, I might mention the  worry I have about the assault on women's rights, from time to time. Nor will I  talk about religion much either.  I come here, to my blog, to escape all that nonsense.  But, my son is my son, and he has worked hard on this project.  So, for anyone who has a notion to check it out, go ahead.  This post is rather like the drawing that I used to put on my refrigerator with love and pride.

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