Saturday, May 12, 2012

Zigging and Zagging on a treadle

I have been determined to try to fit one of my zz machines in the treadle stand that Steven and I built last winter.  Because Betsy and I had another demo Saturday  at the Farmer's Market, I had a deadline.  I took the motor off of the Japanese no name machine and rasped down the edges of the opening in the stand so it would fit.  I had to shorten the belt as well.  It worked great.......It is so wonderful to be able to zig zag with a treadle.  Lots of folks really enjoyed our demo and we had several people, including some kids, trying it out.  Some were naturals.  Others had more of a challenge.  It was a fun day and I love treadling with my Japanese Zig Zag.  I think the 237 can treadle as well....

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