Saturday, May 5, 2012

Another class

I went back to Ithaca for a one day seminar last week.  I took this photo of Toby Benetti, the teacher.  The class participants were not mutant aliens, though they look it in this photo.  I did not receive permission to post their pictures on my blog.  So I had to distort their faces.  Toby was a great teacher.   Very patient and kind.  We each worked on a machine ( I had a Singer 237) and he walked us through the tension assembly.  I have been taking tension assemblies apart for months.  But this class helped me understand about the appropriate settings.  Very helpful. We also discussed trouble shooting electrical issues.  I need some more tools.  Oh darn.

Toby Benetti ( has been in the business for 30 plus years.  He knows his stuff.  He is way into industrial machines but knows a BOAT LOAD about domestic machines as well.   It was a good class.  It was especially wonderful seeing friends from the Ray White class.   There is just something about hanging out with people who love sewing machines.  It doesn't get much better.


  1. I'm curious, how did the class compare to Ray's?

    - Rain

    1. I can't compare apples and oranges; one day to six. I had fun at both and learned a lot at both. But then I could do this all day every day.