Monday, May 14, 2012

Japanese zz continued

The Japanese zz really had issues with the tension.  I had a Kenmore parts machine and used its tension assembly.  But first I had to remover the one from this machine.  It was really stuck.  I left the machine out in the sunshine for much of the morning and then put it in the car where it was very warm.  By five oclock last night I was able to get the old tension assembly out and the new one fit perfectly.  I also replaced the bobbin case with one from yet another parts machine. 

Voila.  Very nice stitches.  I think this satin stitch is almost as nice as the one on the 237.  I guess I didn't know how nice they were. 


  1. From a purely aesthetic point of view, the black tension assembly you added to the 237 would look much nicer on this machine...don't you think?
    Whether or not it would fit is beyond me of course.

    1. Jonathan,
      I agree whole heartedly. I don't think it will fit.....