Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Another reason why it wouldn't stitch

This is a White Rotary treadle.  There are about four different colored threads wrapped around these posts in the shuttle race assembly.  It took several minutes to pick all these threads out.  I still can't figure out how so many different colored threads got wound around in there.

I needed to relax with some mindless work today.  I chose to clean this machine.  There is a new definition of grime in my book.  I was able to get the machine turning nicely.  I sprayed tri flow every where I could.  No motor to worry about and the cosmetics are shot so now I am focused on getting it stitching.

Then I had a call from a friend who has a friend who needs a machine.  So I serviced an eBay purchase a nice little Kenmore 12 stitch

I love this machine. It is lightweight.  It sews very nicely and it has a built in button holer.  I love the smocking stitch.  I made the drawstring bag and decided to stitch out an example of every stitch on the bag.  Cute idea, even if I do say so myself.

I think this may be a keeper.  I am not sure why.  I have the Keatherweight for classes should I need to haul a zz machine.  But  I may want to build an inventory of my own machines, should I ever teach classes myself.

Or maybe I will just sell it.

The machine is very clean inside.  Too bad the seller did such a poor job packing it.  The machine sustained only minor damage to the extension table and spool pins. The case, on the other hand was significantly damaged. 

I had emailed him/her and asked that the machine be wrapped in bubble wrap inside the case as well as outside.   Stupid me.  The machine arrived in a box with one sheet of bubble wrap next to the cased up machine.  It wasn't even enough to wrap all the way around the machine.  Fortunately I had some money refunded so that helped.  Stupid idiot moron.


  1. I think I can tell you why there are four different threads wrapped around it. People used to use every inch of thread they had, and rather than winding a bobbin with the machine, they would wrap several short lengths of thread around a bobbin by hand. I can't figure out why they would want to try to go to the trouble of stopping, starting, fishing the thread up through the throat plate and start again, but I didn't live through the depression, so there's my answer. Ever get bobbins with 4 different colors of thread on it?

    I am trying to fix a Kenmore with the reverse lever on it just like this machine. It just flops, and the feed dogs are not dropping, so the fabric just rocks back and forth. I have done everything I can think of, and it just is not budging. It's dripping with oil, I have oiled it so much. Have you ever had a kenmore that the reverse lever didn't seem to be doing anything? I think the two are not working is affecting the other. What do you think?

    I have told my friend she's going to have to take this one to the shop. :(

    1. Michelle, but WHY would it keep stitching after it got the first thread lock? That's what I don't understand.

      I had a Monty Ward that would not got forward. It got stuck in reverse. It was a gunked up problem. Heat and oil to the reverse lever and moving it manually finally freed it up. I went at it from the top.

  2. I had a Kenmore 8 stitch. It was a nice machine. I sold it to a friend.
    The Kenmore 12 Stitch would be a nice machine for classes. I should have kept my 8 Stitch.
    I love Kenmore sewing machines.

    Currently I'm using a Singer Merritt 4530 for sewing classes. I think it's was made in 1988. It was a thrift store purchase.
    I hadn't used this machine & decided a sewing class would be a good test to decide whether keep it or sell it.
    It's not all metal but it has a great set of utility stitches. Takes a class 66 bobbin.
    I think it's a keeper.

    The best part...It's just a quiet as the new (plastic) electronic Husqvarnas they use in my sewing classes.