Thursday, May 10, 2012

Singer 237 vs Kenmore 158.96

I love this machine

 I also love this machine
But for different reasons

The Kenmore is strong and quiet and it makes decorative stitches with cams.

The 237 makes a beautiful satin stitch but it is not as strong as the Kenmore.  It is quiet, but not as smooth sounding.

If I had to choose between the two, I would choose the Kenmore; hands down.  It can zig zag and I could live with its satin stitch.  I think.  I guess I should check it out.  Still, sewing on the Kenmore is a much more pleasing experience.  I am happy when I am sewing on it. 


  1. I love pretty much all old machines over the newer ones, but you are right. Kenmores are heavier than tanks, and built with precision. I love the Kenmores, but I love the old Singers too.

  2. I loved best my 1966 Kenmore 158 140 but I believe it had plastic things inside that I just wore out. Thus I have avoided trying to find a similar one. Oh dear, now I'll have to re-think if there are versions that last better. (I still mourn; it was a treasure.)

  3. The exterior of that Kenmore is identical to my 158-17501 from 1968. I wonder what the differences are?