Sunday, April 22, 2012

1948 Singer 221-1

This is my 1948 Featherweight; it is the fourth FW I bought.  I chased it down in Albany area last month.   It was a steal.  (

My plan today was to line up all four featherweights and test them side by side.  The other three are stitch ready.  This one wasn't.

But my what nice shape it is in.  Cosmetically this one might be the nicest.  I am not sure.  Once I have it all ready, I will compare it to the one I found in Delhi. (

I had to quit at lunch time, though.  I really wanted to sew today.  But after supper (and two glasses of wine) I went back out to the shop.  My intent was to find the 221 Adjuster's manual and look up how to remove the light.  Instead I stayed out there for an hour working on the hook.  I managed to get the thread lock out and clean the hook all up.

 It took me three tries to get the hook back on the shaft correctly.  But I did not drop the gib screw.  And I put the looper back on the right way the first time.  So there.


  1. You amaze me at what you will tear apart. I's just too sceeeeered! ;-)

  2. I found a 1948 singer sewing machine and now that I see your picture I know now that I'm missing the belt.

  3. I found a 1948 Singer and I'm looking at your picture, and I notice mine is missing the belt were is the best place to order one

    1. Jenny at Sew Classic has belts. See the Resources for Sewing Machine Repair page.