Saturday, March 10, 2012

Just Give him the money, for Pete's Sake.

Betsy and I went shopping on Saturday.  Our class was a no go; too few "takers."  We checked out Craigs list on Thursday figuring we could take a road trip and buy some machines.  We lined up the 401a and made arrangements to look at another machine.  We planned to check out some thrift stores and hit Joann's on the way home. 
On Thursday  I had  replied to  a generic listing on Craigs list for an Antique Singer Sewing Machine.  There was no photo listed.  I usually ignore those listings.  This time I emailed for a model number.  All the seller sent back was photos.
OK.  I was a bit excited.  Still, I realized that this manual could be paired with a different model.  I knew it was a feather weight, for sure, when I saw the photo of the motor.
I emailed him right back and told him I would buy it.  I included my phone number so that he could call me to confirm that I would pick it up on Saturday.   Then I waited.  And I waited.  And I waited. 
On Friday I sent another email......Just checking, is it still available? Phone numbers again and my first and last name. ( I figured that would be proof that  I am really ok , I am not a crazy Craigs List person)  And I waited some more.  Noting.  Nada,  zilch.  I went to bed Friday night figuring the machine was gone.    Oh well....maybe it was not such a great deal....

Saturday morning there was a reply.  "Yes it is still available.  yes I am available on Saturday."  No address.  Nothing.  BUT I had a full name from the email.  What the heck.  I Googled him.  It helped that he had a unique name and I had a town.  (It was listed in the ad) So I found an address and a phone number.  The White Pages are wonderful...

Still, I did not want him to think that I was a crazy Craigslist person, so I emailed him back and asked where he was . 

Then Betsy came, we got in the car and drove up to get the 401.  We had a date to look at another machine after we fetched the 401 but we had some time to kill.  We found a MacDonald's and used the WIFI there.  Still no reply.  JEEZ  was I gonna hafta stalk the guy?

We actually found ANOTHER machine just listed in CL so we went off to look at it.  The garmin took us to the wrong address (turns out there are two distinct locales with the same exact address in that town, go figure) but we found the place , fetched that machine (another story) and rushed to our appointment.  On the way Betsy checked the email.... (I love my iPhone)

YES  there was a message!!!!!   "I'm in ........." Just the name of the town.  NO ADDRESS or Phone number.  OK  so I finally figured that this guy WANTED me to look him up in the book. After we rejected the Minnesota A (another story) I called him.    "We're sorry but the number you have dialed is not in service. Please check your number and dial again."  GREAT.  If Betsy had not been with me I would have driven home right then and there.  BUT she was,so we drove to ....... We had an address.  What the heck?

It was not looking at all promising as we drove down his street.  Betsy was nervous when she saw the demo derby scene, thinking that was our destination.  She worried that the "seller" was someone just playing on the computer.  She has a more vivid imagination than I do.  I knew this guy wasn't LURING anyone....... I had a featherweight in my sights and I was a point.

We arrived at the address.  When I looked at the house and the yard it all made sense to me.  "Chaotic lifestyle."  Still the girl in the yard was friendly and  when I asked for "Duane"  she went inside to find him.  He came out and when I explained who we were he exclaimed "How did you find out where I live?"  I told him. 

The machine is very nice. The latches had been broken open;  the case was locked when Duane found it.  Lots of bobbins, the manual, attachments, and KEYS inside the case.  I was looking it over very carefully.  Betsy was thinking "Just give him the money for Pete's sake. The motor is worth more than he is asking."  I, however, was looking for aluminum rot.......

None found, I paid Duane and we were on our way home.  

We were trying to figure out why he did not include his address or phone number in all of the emails.    Betsy wondered if someone else had offered him more money than the asking price.  I doubted that.  He met us outside.  If he had a better offer he could have told us it was sold.  I think it was chaotic lifestyle.  Simple as that.  

So, how do I feel about getting the machine for much much less than they tend to fetch on eBay?  GREAT.  The case is now ruined and will require time and money to replace the latches.  The machine needs work, though not nearly as much as Sal.  If I do end up selling this machine, I will probably make about 5 bucks an hour by the time it is ready to sell.  But I am not so sure I want to sell it.  Not with this back story.  We will see how it stitches.  That will be the deciding factor.


  1. You have determination! You are my kind of girl. I am like that. My motto is 'If there's a will, there's a way' and 'Never give up'. Sew glad you found your machine. It sounded like a fun adventure!

  2. Great story. And of course everyone who reads this will wonder what you DID pay for it! Inquiring minds need to know.....