Saturday, March 3, 2012

Singer 306W

Betsy came over and we took some photos of machines we need to list on eBay.  This 306 was next to  the 306K we are listing.
I decided to try to get it stitching.

As I recall, I bought this machine last year and then passed it along to Betsy for what I paid for it.  It had a terrible thread nest and I felt rather badly that I had not checked to see if the thing went all the way around.  Still, she managed to get the thread nest out but it  would not stitch without breaking the thread.  I took it back from her and vowed to work on it and get it stitching.  Today seemed like as good a day as any.

I got out the tri-flow and the hair dryer and managed to get it freed up.  I spent hours cleaning and tri-flowing and blow drying the sucker.   It was so gummed up the presser foot bar would "glide" down rather than fall into place.  When I finally decided to try to stitch with it, I could not.  The bottom tension is just too tight, even though the thread pulls freely from the bobbin case.  I decided that it has to be the hook.  It probably is just so gooey and gummed up.  I tried to take the hook off, I couldn't but I did manage to muck up the timing quite nicely in my endeavors.  Finally at 10:00 PM  I was able to get it so the needle and hook did not hit each other.  Tomorrow, if I don't put it away I will try to re-time and see if I can get it stitching.

I don't really like these machines.  They all clatter  when stitching. The 206 X 13 needle is not as readily available and more expensive.  BUT this machine can be converted to a treadle.  So if you want a zig zag to treadle, this is the machine .  Perhaps, if I can get it stitching I will try it out in the treadle base and see how that works.


  1. I bought a 306 early on in my collecting. Mine was the matte beige crinkle finish. I think they're strong machines but the 206x13 needles for it were a deal breaker. I sold it.

  2. I bought one, not knowing what I was getting into, but after diving in and oiling, lubing, adjusting and finding the right needles, I love my 306W! $7 for a pack of 10 needles off eBay is hardly excessive, I mainly work on heaver fabrics, so the lack of needles above 14 will eventually become a sticking point. The case was difficult to clean (the prior owner was apparently a heavy, heavy smoker) until I discovered rubbing alcohol on a terry towel, melts the gunk away. With this machine I discovered that oil and lubricant are two different things, and cannot be substituted. (The machine would not quiet down until after I used the lubricant in the places where lubricant (and not oil) is needed.) Also, with this machine I finally learned the tension assembly, and can pull mine completely off to rebuild it and not feel the first bit of stress!

  3. Hi guys! I live in Indonesia. I have Singer 306W that still work very well. But its timing belt is worn. Is anyone know where to by it?

  4. I read that the timing belt on the 306W is very difficult to get as are the Needles. Good luck.

  5. I have had success using Groz-Beckert DBx1 needles in my 306s. They are the same as 206x13 needles except they are round shank as opposed to flat shank. The 306 needle holder will take a round shank needle and hold it well, you just need to pay close attention to the orientation of the needle. A pair of tweezers helps immensly with this.