Wednesday, March 28, 2012

More 201 Motor action

I am determined to get the 201s stitching and some of them out the door.  I have three too many.  This motor came off of the 1936 201 that I just cleaned up and got stitching.  The Centennial 201 awaits some parts (feed dog screw, bobbin case position bracket) so it can lend its motor for a while.  But I really want to get some room in the shop.  So I thought I would set to work on this motor.  I am taking photos of each step of the way.  A tedious task, but I want to illustrate the directions as found in the adjuster's manual.  That way when I need to service one of these motors, I will have, at hand,  clear illustrations. 

The motor is all ready for new leads.  That task is planned for Saturday.  I have already cleaned out the grease tubes and managed to break one of the old wicks.  It is probably just as well.  These wicks cannot be at all functional after all this time.  Seventy six years is a long time for some felt to maintain its integrity.

 I discovered that Jenny at Sew-Classic ( )sells grease wick by the inch.  I bought 20 inches today.  I have four 201s (10 inches needed) and three or four 15-91s.  So I need that much.  I also discovered that she sells feed dog screws.  I lost one Sunday when I was working on the centennial.  I think it landed on Wilson.  He was standing right next to me as I was working.  I heard it drop on the work bench but did not hear it drop to the floor.  GONE.  I was relieved to find that Jenny has them in stock so I bought 2 just in case. 

It only took me an hour to get ready to solder new leads and that includes taking time to photograph the steps.  Not bad.  Tonight I tore into a motor from a 1948 15-91.  That motor won't require new motor leads, I hope.  I haven't pulled the field core yet.  I had had enough of 60 plus year old grease and kerosene.  Time for blogging and bed.

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