Monday, March 12, 2012

Aluminum Rot Surgery

I was advised to treat this condition.  The big glob of goo on the corner of the machine is a rubber foot that deteriorated, stuck to the fabric in the case and came away looking this way.  The white stuff is the disease.  Aluminum rot.  Corrosion.  BJ on Vintagesingers (yahoo group) advised me to treat this.  The treatment is to remove all of the white stuff down to the bare metal.

I got dressed for the job today.
I need two pair of glasses.  My regular glasses are varilux so I have to get in JUST THE RIGHT POSITION to be able to see.  Another pair helps widen that area of focus. 

I assembled my tools:

And I set to work
First I removed the cruddy, demolished rubber feet from the bottom of the machine.
Then I scraped away as much of the paint and white stuff I could.
 Then I sanded and wire brushed it all away, making sure that I had clean metal all around the perimeter of the rot.

Now I will wait a day or two and see if more corrosion occurs.If not, then  I will paint with a Rustoleum product that will prevent further corrosion.  I am not so worried about cosmetics on this machine.  But I was encouraged that the corrosion was mostly on the surface. 

This photo is an update.  I took it today (3/13/12) and you can see that there is a little bit of white.  I sanded it down and now it is all better.  Now we will wait a bit and see.


  1. Hmm, my hubby had avintage Lambretta scooter and every year the aluminium trim had turned white over winter in the Garage, its what aluminium oxidises into like rust on iron, and the only way to eliminate it is to seal it with something like a clear coat of varnish if you want it still metallic or paint if not.

  2. I have a bit on the 301A that I just purchased. So I am guessing I should remove the feet, mask as you have done for removal. Do you still have the machine and how is it doing?

  3. I still have the machine. I guess I'd better look!

  4. Just saw this. How is it doing now? Any evidence of rot returning?

    1. Still seems fine. I checked it not too long ago. Meaning this fall. I use it at class at times.