Saturday, April 7, 2012

Kenmore 158.1813 continued

I am quite pleased with this machine.  I tested all of the built in stitches and a few of the cams.  I did discover that the special stitches will not work with a cam in the machine.

I don't have a button hole attachment for this machine.  I am on the hunt for one, though.

I think these Vintage Kenmores are very nice machines I do like the built in stretch stitches.  The cams are nice for decorative stitches.  Some of the decorative stitches I would not use, but some folks might like little ducks on their creations.  I am not a fan.

So the 1813 is serviced and ready for its new home.


  1. Very interesting to see a high shank slant foot on a Kenmore.

    1. I actually have four Kenmores that accept these super high shank feet. Two of them (1813 and 1803) are left homing needles. The other two are center homing needles. Leave it to Sears to alter things just enough so that attachments are readily interchangeable.

  2. Thanks in part to your blog entries re. the 1813, I was able to find a surplus stitch selector knob from an eBay seller classified as a part for the 1803 model -- identical knobs for nearly identical machines. Having reached middle age, I now appreciate sensible shoes. Likewise, Kenmores are fast becoming my favorite brand of vintage sewing machine.

  3. Hi,
    Have an 1813. How did you do the stitch in the third row left right side?
    Thank You

  4. I have a super high shank Kenmore 158.1941.2 interested in a site for parts, and accessories. not about Kenmore machines anymore. Anyone know the new site name. Thanks.