Wednesday, April 25, 2012

featherweight again and the looper

We are due to renew our defensive driving course and Steven found one on line.  Thinking that would be better than sitting through 6 hours of torture, I signed up.  I had an awful time with the typing authentication.  I finally got locked out for failing the typing test.  I gave up and went out to the shop.  This Featherweight was calling me back

 I fiddled with the bobbin case base and was able to get the click click out of it.  I also honed the looper.  It had some pretty nasty needle gouges in it.
 Ray said that you only have to worry about high spots.  So I just sanded the looper and cleaned it off and put it back on the hook.  This time I paid attention to how the hook goes on the shaft and got it right, the second time.  Gee Whiz.....some things I just don't learn.

Since the hook was back on I decided to see how she ran......The motor was NOISY.   Too noisy.  So I decided to service it.  I had taken the brushes out over the weekend and peered at the commutator through the brush tubes.  I couldn't see much.  I was dreading this task.  But with that noise coming from the motor and the poor performance I knew I had to get the motor off the machine and get the armature out to clean it and the commutator.

Somehow a 221 adjuster's manual found itself on my work bench.  The other night I reviewed the section on how to service the motor.  It is not unlike the innards of a 201 motor so I figured I could do it.

First things first though.  Get the motor off the machine.  That is the next installment

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