Monday, January 16, 2012


I have sold a few machines.  The Kenmore 158.something; the Singer 301a; a Singer 328K; a New Home free arm (OUCH).  I have given some away as well;  a Singer 99-31, a Singer 66-16. Betsy and I have "traded" back and forth a 301 a couple of times.  Yesterday I sold the 158.1941 and a Singer 66-16 and I threw the Green Elna Supermatic as well.   All day Saturday I played with machines for sale in preparation for Sunday when some friends came over to check out the herd.

I admit, I bought this machine specifically to pass along. It is a wonderful machine.  It has straight stitch, zig zag, stretch stitches and, my favorite, three stitch zig zag.  It does not have a built in button- holer.  The machine is easy to thread and easy to clean.  It is heavy duty, in as much as it is mostly metal and won't break easily.  It has a free arm and is not terribly heavy.   I wish I had more of these to matchup with new seamsters.

I also sold a Singer 66-16.  One of my favorite machines.  I had kept this one in the shop in a cabinet to make little bags for accessories.  I got it out, just in case and it sold.  WITH A CABINET.  That is key.  I have so many cabinets.  It is in very nice condition.  I have at least four Singer 66s.  I don't need five.  This one is such a nice "specimen"  It pleases me that it moved out of the shop and into a home.  No, I do not consider my machines my "kids" and I don't really re-home the machines.  But I know that this will get some use.  And that is what these machines are all about.  Function and Beauty.

I also passed along the green Elna Supermatic.  I know I will never sew with that machine and it is such a noisy thing.    I replaced the friction wheel on it in the Ray White Class (see older posts) but it is still just so noisy.   I don't love this machine, but thought it was just so  classic retro.  B. is a smart guy.  He can figure it out and fix it.  Maybe I have recruited some new members to the world of sewing machine repair. 

 One more thing.  What do we call a person who sews?  A sewer?  A sewist?  A semster?  A seamstress?   I suppose a sewer is as good as anything.  I hate to be associated with excrement though.  Just the same, the Dutch  associate two meanings to their "naaien" (to sew). Look it up yourself on google.  


  1. That's the first Singer 66 I've seen.
    Very nice machine.

  2. I'm pretty sure you can buy a buttonholer for these Kenmore freearm machines.
    The buttonholer plate replaces the bed plate in front of the bobbin case.
    I don't have one for my Kenmore but I've seen them on eBay.

  3. I'm loving your blog. Save some machines for my shop! ;) I love the green retro one - too bad you said it is a clunker.

  4. I'm interested in taking Ray White's beginner class.
    How many machines did you take to the first one?

    1. Jonathan,
      The First Ray White class is mostly lecture with demonstration. Further back in this blog I described my experience in November in Ithaca. I took a Singer 338 zig zag. Definitely take the class, both sessions, you will learn a lot.

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