Sunday, January 8, 2012

Look Familiar?

This is one of the Kenmores that I bought last week.  It is just like the 1760 but without cams.  I bought this because I love the 1760.  I have this machine in pristine condition, in a case, with a buttonholer.  I am saving it for my daughter-in law should she ever decide she wants a machine.  I bought this one because it is a really good machine and I know that somewhere I can find someone who will be able to use it.  I consider a free arm, zig zag and stretch stitches to be essential for modern sewing. I would buy another of these in a heart beat.

I need to service it, get a couple of feet (straight stitch and zipper) and make a bag for it.  Then it will be ready to go.
Kenmore 158.19412
When I saw this machine last week, I knew right away that it is a good machine and I did not quibble over the asking price.  I knew it is well worth it.  I don't plan to "flip" this machine in the sense that I will make some money on it.  I will service it and then pass it along for what I have in it.   I feel no real attachment to this machine unlike some of the others I have .  (Think of Irene, Rose, Jezebell, the 301s, the 201s ,  the Brother, Queenie, The Class 15 clone, Herald)  I just really love it.  I want someone who needs a good machine to have the same pleasure.  Or I can use it in class.


  1. It's just hard to pass up a good machine, isn't it. My husband has been enabling me to the point that Saturday, he looked for, found a machine (a modern 3/4 size Janome 3125), put it in a cart, rolled the cart to find me, then we found an outlet to try it, then he smiled at me and said, 'Keep it,or put it back'? I said, 'You are quite the enabler, you know', and then he said, 'Do you want me to quit? I can quit if you want me to...' and I said, 'No, I don't want you to'.

    We are hopeless. ....Have a great week!

  2. one of my favorite as well, love kenmores, wait a minute love sewing machines

  3. I have a similar model Kenmore.
    Mine is a 158.1946. I love it!
    What's not to love about an all metal free arm?!

  4. I've had mine for 35 plus years. I used to sew every day when my kids were little and I still sew a lot. This machine has been wonderful.

  5. I have this model . . . what year is it?