Tuesday, January 3, 2012

401 tension assembly set screw

Someone asked on WEFIXIT where the tension assembly set screw is on a 401.  I found it and have posted a photo of it here.  This is a good exercise for me.  I am becoming more facile with Photoshp elements, despite my fading synapses and bumbling ways around computers.  (p.s. I thought the red words would show up better than they did.

Open the face plate and locate the tension release pin behind the tension assembly.  The set screw is toward you set into the side of the face plate.
401 tension assembly set screw.

One thing I like about the Photo shop program....you can save a photo for web.  It uploads faster.

We have such slow web access out here in the country.  But I love my place.  I am happy here.

Tomorrow I go to Marcellus to fetch the 30-15 treadle.  I am excited.  The car is all fixed and I have heated seats so the cold won't bother me. 

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