Friday, January 27, 2012


Well I bought some sewing machine accessories and attachments on ebay and they arrived this week.  I am well aware of the concept Buyer Beware.  Still, I thought that purchasing accessoires might be a safe bet.  The lot included a light bulb.  In the photo on eBay it was in perfectly perfect shape.

When I opened the box yesterday, it wasn't in such perfect shape. Of course, packed with Styrofoam peanuts, there was no hope. 

 So I thought I would email the seller.
 Dear olderisbetter65,

Thank you for shipping so quickly. Because you packed the light bulb with the presser feet and did not wrap it at all, it broke. Please comment

 The reply:

im sorry about the light bulb, i just stuck everything back in there the way it came to me after taking them pics, then when i shipped it out it never crossed my mind, i am sorry

- olderisbetter65

I, in turn, responded:
Dear olderisbetter65,

As a business person, I believe that you are responsible for shipping your sold items safely so that they arrive intact.


The reply to this :

i agree, everything else was safe i hope, im thinking the bulb is worth about 25 cents , do you want me to send you a quarter?

- olderisbetter65
 I am pretty much done with this interaction.  And since I don't want to perpetuate negativity, I won't leave any feedback.  But this seller is in my never again list. 


  1. Last I looked, in a hardware store, bulbs were closer to the $5 range. She obviously doesn't care. So sad.

  2. Sheesh. Tell them you want more. Here's a link for pricing.
    Sarcasm is not well tolerated in a bad transaction.

  3. uhm....yeah. I'd be done, too. I really try to not even look on ebay anymore, as I have had little luck with the shipping.