Sunday, January 8, 2012


January brings more light, just barely, and the sense of a new beginning.  I cleaned the workshop last weekend.  Yesterday I tackled  the sewing loft.  It had become the depository for auction acquisitions and empty sewing machine cabinets.  I moved some empty cabinets out, organized the auction finds and found the sewing tables, ironing board and sewing machine that had been buried under all the STUFF.
 I often say "It's all about the tools."  When I finally cleaned out the loft and could actually function in there, I sat down at this Kenmore 158.1760 to make a draw string bag.  I love this machine. It is smooth,  strong and quiet.  It makes a consistently gorgeous stitch without too much finagling.   I actually did not even have to change the tension despite sewing on different weights of fabric, with different weights of thread and different sized needles.  It has a free arm, as you can sort of tell.  The cabinet allows it to be positioned as you see it or dropped down into the cabinet so that it is a flat bed. 
I also love my new DeLonghi steam iron.  It is so professional looking.  I had been a Rowenta fan for many years.  This iron is heavier and the steam is always available (as long as the reservoir has water in it).

My current sewing project is a "Warm Window" roman shade.  This is the last one I must make for the house.  The project is tedious.  Working with large masses of fabric is a challenge and I am determined to finish this last one BEFORE  I start on anything FUN.

I started making these for the house five years ago.  I had five to make and it seems as if I only made one a year.  Each one is different from its predecessor, except this one.    I learned a bit with each shade.

Warm Window shade number 4. Finally figured it out.  (Singer 31-15)

I use Warm Window fabric ( and I bought some drapery fabric on sale a Joann's five years ago.  The idea is to seal the window with magnets secured in the shade that attach to a magnetic strip fastened to the window frame.  We have really nice chestnut woodwork so I did not want to apply a magnetic strip to that.  Instead I finally figured out that I needed to make the shade WIDE enough so that the strip can be attached to the wall.  It requires piecing.  I know how to do that, being a quilter, and all.

Back to the loft to sew.  See that 31-15 in the previous photo?  I want to play with that.  So if I want to play with that I have to finish this project.  Back to my wonderful tools.

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  1. Now that's a beautiful view for sewing! I'm trying to arrange my own workspace to get my machine under the window. Much more refreshing than having my nose to the wall :-)