Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Singer 31-15

I drove 200 miles round trip today.  It was seven degrees when I left home but as I drove further west, toward the Finger Lakes, it warmed up to 23 by the time I arrived to fetch the 31-15.    On my way BACK home, the temperature dropped back down , but only to 17.  We don't have any big masses of water out this a way to help moderate that big blast of  cold air coming down on us from our Canadian friends.  By Saturday, though, it will be back up into the 30s.  Good for me because it is easier to heat the shop.

I really, really, really wanted to have this machine in the house and set up before Steven arrived from work.  There is something about doing it myself.   C. told me that it took two men to get it up her stairs (ok I did not take it up a flight of stairs today.  BUT I did help her husband bring it down those stairs.)  So I got out the wagon.....

Wrigley approves:

What, another machine?  says Frannie. Wilson would have nothing to do with it, hence, no photo of him

 I know that I will use this machine.  I love to treadle and I want a machine that is designed to sew  through layers and layers.  None of my domestic machines can handle one of my favorite projects: quilted bags.  This machine definitely can.  Lucky me, too.  C. really outfitted this machine.  There are various  feet and matching feed dogs; a new belt (though the current one is fine) and needles.  Oh and she told me about a great place to buy thread....but I forgot the name of it........ What a nice day I had, meeting her and her husband, seeing her beautiful place (yes I think we are talking Home and Gardens).  Oh and I am so envious... She is so organized and tidy.  I definitely scored with this machine.

AND LOOK!!!  It has the knee activated pressure foot lifter.  HOW COOL IS THAT?  And it works!!!

BYE BYE  I am off to sew on my wonderful 31-15.

Oh but before I go, I should just let you all know that the dry spell is over.  I stayed true to form and went out to fetch one machine and came home with four.  One, a parts machine, has a motor for the third 201.  I can't quit my day job.....yet.


  1. She's a beauty. Four? Now I don't feel so bad! lol!

  2. I am so jealous! I have a 31-15 singer with the motor and clutch but I do leather work and even worse I really can't sew. I think I maybe able to figure it out if I could get the machine to slow down.... Hence, a treadle or hand crank. That's how I ended up on your blog. Hopefully you attend to your passion here. I too have blog on
    Also my machine won't pick up the shuttle thread? Larry

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  4. I use a singer 31-15 for free motion quilting by the use of the P2 attachment by Janome, which is high shank and making it an open toe so needle does not strike it. Here is the link to video showing how well it works. this is a motorized machine The clutch works wonderful. If your clutch cork is old it wont grab well. If your machine don't pick up buy needles that bring it closer to the hook may help!. You can buy new cork at singer .com

    1. Mine is a treadle. NO way could I go that fast. It would be nice to see the attachment.


    3. I sent a pic to your E-Mail :).