Friday, October 31, 2014

Singer 201D.

The Singer Sewing Machine Factory at Wittenberge was constructed in 1903.   Thirty six years later, most of the factory was devoted to military production.  In 1946 the factory was stripped by the Russians.

I would have to conclude that this machine was made sometime, therefore, before 1946.
I almost didn't get it.  A woman contacted me via the blog and offered this machine to me.  Since she was in metropolitan NY I knew that I could not fetch it.  I suggested that she contact Rain of The vintage Singer Sewing Machine Blog.  I forwarded her email to him and he offered to fetch it for me if I wanted it.  There's a no brainer.  Since Rain sometimes travels upstate a bit, we made arrangements to meet so that I could fetch it from him.  Lucky me.

I like the machine.  Sure, it's just another 201 but I don't have a badge like this on any of my other machines.  Come to think of it, I think the only Centennial I have is the 201K that is about to be re-homed (I hope, I hope).  Somehow, the Centennial Badge doesn't hold the same mystique that this one holds. 

I am almost ready to test it.  I cleaned the gears (oh ICK)

 and freed up the Bobbin Winder and the feed dog drop.   A spoke wheel does fit, sort of.  The bobbin winder doesn't work unless there is a rubber band  installed on the wheel.  You can see it in the photo.  I like a spoked wheel on a treadle machine; more heft.  Plus, it is prettier.

The other gears were not nearly as awful.  A little Kero and new Triflow grease and they are good to go. 

The hook and bobbin case require attention.  That is a job for first thing in the morning.  Right after I light  fires in the shop and the sewing loft.  Winter arrives tomorrow.  Drat.


  1. Enjoyed seeing this machine. Thanks for the pics.

  2. When a belt is in place you won't need the rubber band, correct?