Friday, October 31, 2014

Never Can Say Goodbye

Perhaps, if I am lucky, this 201K will find a new home soon.

I try not to be too sentimental.  I bought this machine almost two years ago.  Max and I were visiting Mom.  I was coveting a 201 I could treadle.  I found it on Asheville Craigslist.  Max didn't really roll his eyes when I told him about going up to West Asheville to fetch it. He went along willingly.

"Let's go to Malaprop's Book Store while we are there."  We even had lunch.

I had no intention of ever letting this machine go.   This  past summer I acquired a 201D made at the Wittenberge factory.  It isn't in much better cosmetic shape.  It might be more unique, though I doubt rare.  The stitch length plate is metric.  So I decided that of the two, the 201K was the one to go.

I put it in the cute, little, wooden treadle stand and tried it out.  Smooth machine with a nice stitch.


  1. Looks great in that green cabinet and love the light, I wonder if we can get them here in Australia

  2. Aww I am sentimental for vintage sewing machines too. My first sewing machine was given to me by my 80 year old grandma. Her sewing machine was about 60 years old. My very first dance dress was made by that machine. Even though it doesn't work anymore, I still keep it around.

  3. Nice! I would love to bring it back to NC. Except for the 8 treadles I already have, which is at least 5 too many!

    1. Only eight? If I hadn't picked up the Singer 24 I would have only 12.