Saturday, October 4, 2014


I am not so sure about this machine.
Mechanically it is well engineered and I would love to get it stitching.
The motor smokes.  I need to remove it and see why.  I can get the the belt easily enough by removing those two screws on the belt guard.
Uh Oh.  This is the housing for the electrical.  I will need to concentrate.  Or maybe read a murder mystery, instead. 
I may tackle it today.  Right after I check in with the Necchi Yahoo group. 


  1. Yikes, I hate surprises like that! What cracked it I wonder?

  2. I treadle an older Necchi BU.
    Someone gave me a Necchi BF made about the time of your Supernova. (BF's are short shank machines and do only straight stitch.) That motor was doing kind of a cross between smoking and throwing out bits of carbon. The local OSMG cleaned the motor coils--but that was about the time of my head injury, so although I watched him, I don't remember much about it. Some help I am! Sorry about that! If you get it rejuvenated, you find that it's a wonderful high precision machine. (The triple use needle plate is fascinating--my machine came with three separate plates.)

    1. I have a BF. I thought about using it as a treadle but the motor is so FAST. I decided I liked it better that way. The BU only awaits mechanical cleaning now. I was successful as you will read in the next post.