Monday, October 27, 2014


The world is now full of acronyms.  POTUS  SCOTUS  DH DD DS DGD  WTF LOL TTYL.  I have no idea if, in the quilting world, DNP is an accepted term.  I use it because I prefer typing DNP instead of Disappearing Nine Patch.  One could, I suppose, use D9P.  OBW is not a character from Star Wars.  It stands for One Block Wonder.

I finished a scrap DNP quilt top this weekend.  I need to sew on borders and then it will be ready to quilt.

Poor lighting clouds  this photo.  Here it is before I sewed it all together. I had a time figuring out the pattern.  I think it will be ok with a border and after it is quilted.  Clearly I had NO PLAN.  I merely wanted to use up some fabric.  I accomplished that.

Steven looked at the design wall.  He scrutinized and squinted and said:

"Your eye does try to find a pattern, doesn't it?"  I agreed.  That's the problem with using so many different fabrics with no real intent.  We will see how it "quilts out."

Once I finally finished stitching all of these blocks together to create the quilt top, I set it aside.  I was anxious to fuss with the OBW I started this summer.

I bought the fabric on line and discovered that what I thought was a 24 inch repeat was more like a 12 inch repeat.  I used the fabric anyway.  It was for a class at the Zoo.  OBWs require  a lot of cutting. It is a bit tedious.  The result should be more like a Kaleidoscope.  Because of the short repeat, I think mine was less "artistic."  Still, I persevered.  I grouped the hexagons by dominant color and set to work.  ( All of these hexagons fit into one, small plastic storage box.  There they sat for months.  Until yesterday. )

I started with the whitest blocks and worked outward.  More tweaking, but I think I almost have the design.  Just in time for Christmas.

I bought some fabric at Sauder's.  It has a bona fide 25 inch repeat.  I have plenty of that for a queen.  Oh my aching wrist. 
(Sorry that the photo is so small.  I lifted it from their website. )