Monday, November 3, 2014

201 Madness

Even though I said that cleaning the bobbin case and hook area of the 201D is a morning project, I didn't get to it until after noon on Saturday.

I became distracted.  I have two sets of cabinet drawers.  One set came from a school cabinet.  The other set, I believe, actually came from the treadle cabinet that I refurbished a couple of years ago.  I painted the top green but left the drawers off.  I decided that I can never really sell it because it is just too rough.  So I decided to keep it.  Don't tell Steven.  Well, hell, he will find out anyway, when I ask for his help moving it back up to the sewing loft.  We just did a switcheroo with a different stand (7 drawers) a month ago.  

I attached the school drawers to the cabinet top and fastened the back onto the top as well.  That dang piece has been kicking around here for too long.  I was either going to use it or turn it into firewood. 

 (Please note: Frannie rarely tolerates Wrigley in such close proximity.)

I know it looks a little funky, but at least that cabinet back piece is where it belongs.  I may, one day, paint the drawers green too.  They need some gluing, but for now, are functional.   The  201 in the background  is the one I  re-homed yesterday.   ("Oh good,  only 99 to go, commented the DH). I changed some of its tension parts and had to test the stitch again.  Gotta say, changing those parts helped.  The stitch is much nicer now. 

The 201D makes a lovely stitch, too.  Isn't that what it's all about?  That is why I have so much trouble.  I love them all.   As I was threading it I realized that I had not cleaned the tension assy.  It is a bit different from the common Singer assy.  I don't think that I will take it apart.  I may just run a dollar bill between the discs.  It sews wonderfully well, so maybe I won't need to clean it at all. Oh hell, yes I will.  You know I will.

I also fixed the bobbin winder problem.  I found a slightly larger BW tire.  DUH.

By two o'clock I was ready for lunch and some sewing.  It is cold enough to require heat in the sewing loft.  I had a fire in the shop and one in the house.  Three's a charm?  I don't think so.  I took my design wall, covered it with a sheet and schlepped it into the house.  I placed it right next to my 201-2 and set to work sewing those hexagons together.

 Point to point.

Piecing a quilt is tedious work saved only by the pleasure of seeing how the design emerges.  The strips on the left are sewn together in twos.  I think that once they are all sewn together, the pattern might emerge.  It was not the best choice of fabric for the OBW.  (The strips on the right are not yet sewn together.  )  


  1. I am just aching to screw my treadle cabinet back together. It is as refinished as it is going to be. I am not in love with the way the color of the wood worked out. However, I am totally fried from the Houston Quilt Festival and am catching up on all the appts around here. Love to see the treadles.

  2. Love that you used an old wooden thread spool with an eye screw to get the big spool to work.
    I will have to give it a try. Thanks

  3. I think I am as obsessed about sewing as you are! I have soooooo many machines in the house, my kids tell me that I am nuts :) But I still love it!!