Wednesday, November 26, 2014


I awoke at 4:15 AM.  Since I could not enter another sleep cycle, I got up, motivated by the fact that we don't have to pay for our internet usage before 0500.   We have a dish and have almost maxed out our usage.  We recharge tomorrow and are perilously close to the slowdown.  We never lose connectivity.  It just S   L   O   W   S     W   A   Y    D   O   W   N.

Our department is providing gifts for a local family.  The thirteen year old girl wants a sewing machine.   I have just the one for her.

It came with a home made, plywood, weighs a ton carrying case.  I think I will make a tote for it instead. 

I have the quilt frame set up with some cute winter fabric.  It is a practice piece but I could use it for the tote.  Think I will.


  1. It looks a little like the Kenmore 1040. Is it the same size? I gave my niece a Spartan a while back in a heavy canvas tote and that worked well. Hope your early rising doesn't mean slow down about 3. Trying to get binding done for 4 comfort quilts. A friend of mine long armed them on her Gammill for me.

  2. Thinking about the 1040, and then wondering: when did machines start having the narrow bed? That was the BIG selling point for the Elna I bought in 1977; being able to go around a sleeve or collar was Da Bomb for me (and I dumped the perfectly good Singer 600E my mom let me have). It's still a feature I treasure, and makes my 1040 a little less sexy to work with at home.