Saturday, November 15, 2014

I like this one better.....

It is sixty-three by eighty and almost as busy as the OBW.  This is strictly a stash quilt.  I did not purchase any fabric for this.  Yes, it is true, I carried the narrow white and wider dark green border over from the OBW.  Actually, I decided on these borders first.  

I wanted to use the Wittenberge 201.  What a nice machine.  It is so quiet.  It took me a while to get it set up in the treadle stand.  The coil spring belt worked great for the 15-90 but it was too tight for the 201.  The machine worked, but it was just too much effort to treadle.  If I want to switch these machines back and forth, I guess I will have to replace the coil spring belt with one that is just a bit longer.  I found a leather belt, set it up and went to work.  What a nice machine.

 It is so quiet.  The Necchi is a thunker (must have something to do with the mounting in the cabinet.)  The 15-90 also clunks along, but I forgive it because it will go through anything. This 201 is almost silent.  It is a pleasure to use. 

I am now ready to quilt.  I have been practicing swirls with paper and pencil.  I suck.

I watched this video (for some reason it will not load to Blogger directly from YOUTUBE.)

She demonstrates this on a table.  I will use my frame.

There is another demo using the frame.

Next up, getting the 24 ready so that I can use it to chain stitch the leaders to the quilt. I suppose I could use the Wilcox and Gibbs.  Now, there's an idea. 


OK.  So I had to publish the post before I could see how the video came out.  I must be somewhat deaf.  The machine is much quieter in real life.


  1. It is always fun tot ry out a new machine! My Lotus 66 is the quietest machine I have, so I know how you feel.

  2. This is odd (and please don't take offense), but the DNP looks better (good!) with a border, but the OBW doesn't. Maybe it's the pure white fighting with the cream in the pattern. Maybe it's the photo. Maybe it's my old eyes!

    1. I agree. I think that the OBW will look better once it is quilted. The pure white border was what I had and I didn't want to buy more fabric. We shall see.