Friday, November 28, 2014

One Thursday in November

Thanksgiving morning I arose and made a list.  I knocked off 8 of the 13 items  by 10 AM.  I felt downright VIRTUOUS.  True, I included: get dressed, turn up the heat and eat breakfast.  I did not include make the bed.  I should have.  Just the same, my list was shrinking and the day was ever so young.

 Days off, I walk the dogs.  Usually they start to torment me around mid morning. They don't whine.  They don't bark.  They just follow me around relentlessly and look at me, THAT WAY.     Since I had been so diligent already in accomplishing so much, I took them up the hill. (Mind you,  I did  take credit for it and gained much needed endorphins by adding the walk to the list and then, TADA, crossing it off.)

We were forecast to get ten inches of snow Wednesday into Thursday.  I predicted five and I think I was right.  It was a heavy snow that blanketed branches and packed well under foot.  Perfect for snow creature creation, which I did not do.  It wasn't on the list.

It is hunting season.  Thanksgiving day is prime hunting day.  I dressed the dogs accordingly.  Wilson hates his vest.  He loves his walk.  He endures.  Wrigley doesn't care a hoot.  Frannie won't be caught dead in orange.  She prefers red.

Item number 6 on the list was "remove practice quilt from frame."  I did that.  Before I did that I took a couple of shots of the quilting.  I post them here because, where else will I post them?

I practiced and practiced with ink and paper.  I definitely have a hard time twirling right. Doodling helps for sure.  I am pleased with the stitches.  The machine seems to be working well.  The frame is much better now too.  Steven attached leg extensions and replaced the blocks I had been using for added height.  I tried a different carriage but went back to the original, wooden one.  The so called upgraded carriage created too much vibration. 

 The DNP is ready to go.  If we get a delivery of propane tomorrow,  I may be able to quilt.  If not, I will work on machines.  I need to service a Kenmore 158.1814.  I have it set up for chain stitching.    It is a noisy sucker, likely needs oil.  I use it to attach the cloth leaders to the quilt.  I also need a class 15 machine for bobbin winding.  I don't use the BW on the Bailey.  I don't like to re-thread the machine that often.

Yes, you noticed the not so subtle reminder in each photo.  Those of us who are white must end our oblivion.  Racism exists in our country.  The tragic events in Ferguson, MO indicate so.  The culture of violence and injustice must end.  NOW. 


  1. My GF calls the look from the dogs the "mojo" look . . . happens every time I'm home during the day and not at work.

  2. Quilting stitches look great! And thank you for being such a strong voice for social justice. Minorities need to use the same energy for demonstrations, to vote and run for representative office. Shame on the party who tries to keep American voters away from the polls.

  3. I like your watermark - End Racism. I am from the St. Louis area. Ferguson is a suburb of St. Louis. It is a mantra we all need to keep repeating, for sure.