Wednesday, February 3, 2016

When the Rains come

Steven and I are on our way to NC with the truck to fetch a sewing machine (is that a surprise?)  It is Mom's and she has vacated her apartment in favor of an easier lifestyle.  I admit, I am not a fan of an electronic Husqvarna/Viking.  I have one.  I live in fear that the motherboard will die.  Plus, I don't much like the stitch.  Mom's is an older Viking but she has a lovely Horn cabinet and I really, really want that.  It will house a sewing machine and a serger.  I may have to move my Singer 42 (GASP) cabinet to make a space for it in the living room.  Then, what would I do with that lovely art deco cabinet?  Oh Dear.  It is good to have choices.

We set out this morning.  IN THE RAIN.  It poured.  When it finally stopped, around Harrisburg, we hit traffic.  Our average MPH dropped dramatically.  It is hard to make any miles when you are creeping along sandwiched among the tractor trailer trucks.  Then, for no reason, the highway shat out its blockage and we were sailing along.

The clouds continued to threaten but somewhere in Virginia the sky cleared.   My spirits lifted  and we started chewing up the miles.

The sun set a couple of hours later and the fog rolled in.  We are settled in at a Red Roof Inn now.   Dogs always welcomed.  


  1. I can't wait to see pictures of the cabinet and machine. I'd like to see pictures of your art deco cabinet, too. Fun!

    1. In the post above, click on Singer 42 (it is in red) and you will see the 42 cabinet

  2. I confess to opening up a vintage hidden in my living room as a table and even rolling in a typing table. I already have a fold up table that is folded up and covered with a quilt when I need the living room a few times a year and holiday. My sewing room is normally closed off when it is really cold and I like spreading out in the living room even when it is not cold if I have a serious project. I will heat the sewing room if I plan to stay in there but usually just take over the living room. We have a den that he claims so I figure why not enjoy the fireplace or the larger space when it's not needed which is a lot of the time. I am a lot more likely to work on something in there because it is near the kitchen and I and keep an eye on whatever is cooking or do laundry in that part of the house. I did the annual bookkeeping there for the month after Christmas and just took down the portable table and typing rable with a laptop that I was using for a serious office. I figure it is my space and I'll use it however I want. I have a piano that the cutting mat can hide behind when it is folded up so it is win win. Enjoy your mom's machine and nice cabinet.