Monday, February 22, 2016


Wrigley was one obsessed canine all day yesterday. 
I did n't think it was a good thing to indulge this obsession.  I would remove him to the kitchen, time and time again.  He would return to his spot, at the side of the crate and just stare at the sheet draping the crate.

Finally he responded to my command to sit in his chair.  It was a bit better.  He still managed to keep an eye on Lola's crate because Lola was curled up, asleep in or on her cat cave.

I finally finished the binding on The Single Wedding Ring quilt.  See it here just off the frame.   The raspy noise in the bobbin case disappeared but the feed dogs would slap when I went through extra thick layers.

I took off the needle plate:
When I can I will get out the TriFlow and apply some to the mechanism.  It is designed to float under the needle plate, I think.

The hook needs cleaning too.  No time yesterday to take off the race cover and clean and oil.  The hook looks like it is in OK shape. 
I am not in love with this machine.  I am in love with the cabinet.  It is perfect for our space.

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