Saturday, February 20, 2016

Horn Cabinet and Nolting CLX20

Betsy is using the Nolting.  This is her first experience on a long arm.  She, of course, is brilliant and coordinated.  She created a wonderful quilt, all her own design.  She amazes me.

The borders are pieced so I advised stitching all around the edges.  We set up the Horn cabinet so that she had all that extra space.  Mom's Viking makes a funny scraping noise in the bobbin case.  I reckon, bein' as it is an electronic thing, I will pay the professionals to service it. 

We loaded it up on the frame and she started right in.  NO FEAR.  I belong to a couple of Long Arm FB groups.  Frequently I see "I am afraid to use my Long Arm." or the like.  I admit that I have been intimidated myself.  Not Betsy. 

She sketched out her design with chalk and I left her to stitch it out.  It was a gorgeous day and the dogs needed a walk.  When I returned she had finished all she could do.  She learned that she did better free hand without first sketching her design with chalk. 

She wanted to stitch some straight lines, I showed her how with the ruler but she preferred without.  Go figure.

She appliqued leaves, birds and a big dog.  I don't know how to advise her about quilting around those.   I do have Jamie Wallen's little applique ruler.  Maybe she will try it.  Likely she will just eyeball it and do just fine.


  1. Her face in the second picture! Good thing it's kinda large to carry to her house to borrow. Looks like she really enjoyed it!

  2. Count me in the afraid category. Now, I think I know the machine, but am always thinking I am going to break it. I am doing better, but am light years from where I want to be in my head. And my word, I am slow. But I do like lots of quilting lines.

  3. I'll bet dollars to doughnuts you can find the source of the scraping noise, no paid professional needed. It will be mechanical in origin.

    1. Even as I wrote that, I knew you would say that.

    2. Well, then I'm glad I did not disappoint. And that I was correct.