Saturday, February 27, 2016


Eventually I would like to set up the Horn cabinet with my Necchi Super Nova.  Until then if I want to sew in the house, I must use the Viking I.  Today I wanted to sew in the house. 

The raspy rattling noise in the shuttle came back.  It was driving me crazy.  So, I took off the race cover to access the hook.

The hook is in decent shape.  I would like to have another on hand, though.  This machine is fairly old and I don't know how long parts will be available. 

I cleaned all that crud out, cleaned the hook and the race and oiled it all with Tri Flow. 

Then I decided to try to get at the needle bar and presser foot bar.  I could not see any screws holding the case together.  Anywhere.  Oh, wait.  I remembered on another Viking that access to the back case was under the handle.  Voila, there were a couple of screws

Fortunately I had some Torx bits and was able to get the screws out.  For all the good that did me.  The back did not just fall off.  I had to remove the piece that covers the free arm and then I jiggled and tugged here and there and discovered that the back cover lifts up just a bit to come off. 

I could just reach the needle bar mechanism from the back (see arrow) but I couldn't do a great job cleaning it.  I did manage to remove a piece of thread that was wound around part of the needle bar.  I doubt I got all of it.  It didn't seem to affect function so I gave up once I got all I could reach. 

I wonder how the heck that pin got down in there?  Maybe Mom dropped it in when she changed the needle plate.  That head is just too big to fit through the feed dog slots on the needle plate.

I oiled what I thought should be oiled and closed it all back up.  The raspy noise was still there, even after all that.

Of course it was the bobbin case.  No noise when the machine ran without it.  I pulled on the bobbin thread.  Pretty tight.  I loosened the bobbin tension and the noise disappeared.  The stitch improved as well.

It is a very nice machine.  I like the manual foot lifter.  My Viking Designer II has an electronic one.  There is no way to lift the foot manually on it.  I worry that one day, the motor for the presser foot will conk out.  Plus, I keep reaching for the lifter every time I would sew.  I think I will just sell that machine.  This one is nicer. It is pretty quiet, sews in a nice, straight line and makes a decent stitch.  So if I have a desire for an electronic machine, here it is.

I have some Home Dec (oh ICK) projects on the agenda.  I think this machine will handle them.  If not I can just set the Necchi on top of the cabinet and use it as a table top model.  The Horn cabinet has an air lift and it can be adjusted to fit  any machine.  The opening in the top is large and requires an inset to fill in around the machine.  Mom has an acrylic one for the Viking and it fits nicely.  I think I could make a template easily enough so that Steven could craft an inset for the Necchi out of some luan.  I would then varnish the wood to a smooth finish.  Or I can see if Horn would make one for me from acrylic.


  1. I believe if you can craft a template from cardboard or foam core your local glass place can make you one from plexiglass.
    I had faith.

  2. Of course it was the bobbin case. You and Dorothy had to go the long way 'round to find that one out. But now the machine is clean, you found the Torx (and probably put them away in the right spot). And now I know where to look to open up the Viking at my friend's house.

    From the bottom of my heart, I thank you pretty much once a week.

  3. Your photos have writing across them.
    Did you know that? Sort of like spam

    1. Yes. I know. Watermarks so that no one can use my photos as their own.