Saturday, March 5, 2016

Twenty two days

It was fun, ahem, while it lasted.  Yesterday, though, it became clear that Wrigley could seriously hurt KittyLola.  We tried to introduce them.  Wrigley on a very tight leash and Lola on the couch.  It looked OK for a minute, then the canine went for the feline and had I not had the leash held tight, Local may have incurred some serious injury.  Fur did fly. 

I was very upset and Wrigley was severely admonished.  He was here first and I promised myself that I would not let that cat die at the mouth of my dogs.  I could not justify disciplining my dog for being, well, a dog.  It would have been romantic and sweet had it all worked out. 

Lola went to live with Mary, our wonderful, down the road, neighbor.  I dropped her off this morning and she hid for a bit under a desk.  Then trotted up the stairs and hid under a bed.  I am sure that she is now purring, happily, in Mary's lap.  That cat loves human contact.

Wrigley and Frannie do not seem to know the difference.  I am more at ease and Steven, too, is relieved.   We do have family members who are cat allergic and we love all of them.  Were that not the case, we might have tried harder to make the dog/cat thing work.  You know, the excuse....


  1. No guilt. You did the right thing. Miss Lola is one lucky little feline because of you. We live on a way back country road in the middle of nowhere and over our 40 years here, have had 5 different dog/cat "misfits" dropped off at our mailbox - 2 of them were resettled with wonderful families and 3 stayed with us. All had long and comfortable lives. I think rehoming is often a part of rural life.

  2. You did the right thing for everyone. That doesn't happen every day, so today, savor.

  3. Definitely the right thing, she's been saved by you which is a wonderful thing to do then rehomed in a suitable home. Well done you, I like a happy ending. Take care. Sharon x

  4. You tried, and then found a better home for Lola. Teaching dogs that cats are not prey or toys takes time to do without danger or pain to either.

    Our dog was rapidly taught to leave cats alone by a cat putting a claw in her eye :-( . Her eye did heal, but it's NOT a method I'd recommend. The darkly humorous result was having the dog being chased by another cat around the front yard for years after. I miss both of them.