Wednesday, March 9, 2016


As much as I would rather be using up scraps and playing on the Nolting, I must make slip covers for the couch and the two orange chairs.  Admittedly the fabric I have is not much better than the orange, but it cost nothing.  I am saving for retirement. 

Mom used her Viking to make a cover for her studio bed.  She used upholstery weight fabric and made piping,  The full Monty, as it were.  She had no problems with her machine.  But I don't want to take my chances with it so I brought in my Necchi Super Nova.

In order for it to function as a flat bed, vs a table top, in the Horn Cabinet I had to adjust the airlift. 

It was relatively simple: loosen the 13mm nut, slide it to the proper position, tighten said nut.

Steven fashioned an insert from a piece of luan underlayment.  It isn't quite thick enough but it will do for now.  I can use this same piece as a template for an acrylic one.
I am now good to go.  I have picked apart the seat cover on one of the chairs.  After the bike ride today I can think about cutting out the pieces.  (Yes Dre, I see the typo in the watermark)


  1. Seriously love your blog! Discovered it in my search for directions on mailing a VSM (without busting it up in the process) that I'd just purchased. Your posts are informative and inspiring, and your watermarks are smartly subversive.

  2. I would love to try that machine sometime. It looks positively lovely and strong. I can't make anything 3D without issues- I should have learned it when I was young. Couldn't you trade quilting a quilt for someone in exchange for slipcovers? Happy biking- the wind is pretty strong here.

  3. I used my Viking (Quilt Designer) to make car seat covers recently, but had no piping to deal with. I had no problems with sewing through several layers of outdoor canvas-type fabric.

    I would have used Mom's Necchi, but I'm still in the process of re-learning her abilities. The one problem I had is that the needle pulled out of the clamp during a test run on heavier fabric. I'm wondering if the spring that keeps the needle clamped in is getting old or what. I know Mom had quite a spell with it being out of wack until she found someone who could fix it (this was a loooong time ago). I wonder if it was due to the needle being pulled out of the clamp then.