Saturday, January 30, 2016

Not that Dirty

Last week a woman dropped off her Brother XR53 at the Quilt Zoo.  She said it worked fine it just needed a cleaning.

I picked it up, brought it home and finally was able to attend to it today.  It wasn't that dirty.

I took off the needle plate and the face plate (if you can call it that).  I brushed out the lint, took out the hook and cleaned under it and put it all back together.  Total time, including stitch testing, just under an hour.

It is a full rotary hook, maybe an L bobbin or a 15.  I couldn't tell since the one provided is plastic and seems a bit smaller than my metal class 15 bobbins.

The machine has many settings,  I tried SS and ZZ and called it a day.  Now to deliver it back to the Zoo so that the owner can pick it up.


  1. Color me grateful for metal parts, great visibility, substantial feed dogs, and powerful motors. Love the straight stitches I am able to make. You are one of the main reasons I am able to be so happy sewing, so accurate, with the vintage machines.

    1. Yes. Visibility. I could hardly see the presser foot on this machine when I was testing the stitch.