Friday, January 1, 2016


Steven went out of town yesterday which left me home alone with two dogs and lots of fabric.  I worked half the day and was sewing by three PM.  I managed to get eight blocks done by bedtime.  I watched one whole disc of Season Five Law and Order as I happily created the Happy Mess.  I went to bed and left all the scraps and cuttings on the floor. 

This morning I set to it again and made ten more bringing the total to 58; two shy of half way.  I thought I might start sewing the blocks together at that point but have changed my mind.  I want to sew the blocks together in vertical rows because they will hang on the wall better than horizontal rows.  I need to leave the design on the wall as it is because of my spatial relationship handicap.  I started the design in the middle and worked out.  Up close it is hard to see the pattern.  Even standing back I have to squint to see the darks and lights.  In grayscale, courtesy of photoshop, I can see it the best.
I suppose I could stitch the rows as I complete the blocks now that the pattern is clear.   The dang quilt frame takes up so much room.  We just don't have any large wall space.  Oh wait.  Yes we do.
The Museum

We are expecting company in a few weeks.  This room will house at least one guest, so I have to finish the quilt on the frame.  As usual I am stalling, succumbing to my inner worst enemy.  You know that one, Perfect.


  1. Looks terrific!! Love what I see.
    Repeat after me, "A done quilt is always better than a perfect quilt not made." When I get a whole quilt done on the design wall, I photograph it, label the top row with blue painter's tape with numbers, and take it down by column with the labeled block on top. I clip that stack. When I sew, I take number one and sew it to number two, and go down the column. Then I take number 3, and sew the column down the previously sewn two. I continue across so that the whole quilt is webbed and all that needs doing is sewing the rows. I never screw up this way or have to think about placement. I can always stop and start without issues regarding placement or memory. Wanda from Exuberant Color taught me this skill.

  2. Happy New Year!
    I do much as Linda does but number every block (1A,!B, !c, 2a, etc). Probably overkill but if I don't I will mess up.
    and sometimes I do anyway.

    the black and white photo is a great idea