Friday, January 22, 2016

One Hundred and Twenty

Squares. Nine 1 3/4 inch strips each equals One Thousand and Eighty pieces.  Paper Pieced.
If I have enough scraps to cut another 266 1 3/4 inch X 4 1/4 inch pieces I will follow the pattern.  If not I will put appropriate borders on and call it good.  I love using up my scraps. 


  1. I love the rich medley of scraps. The variety of neutrals makes for a rich counterpart for all the deep colors. This is going to be gorgeous quilted.

    1. And how should I quilt it? I guess the first step is to finish the silly thing.

  2. Thanks. I was just out sorting through more scraps. (The sewing loft is slowly warming up, thanks to some maple, pine and paper). I have enough for another, I am sure. I think, though that I will just find a different scrappy project.

  3. Ohmigosh, love this one!I follow your blog for the sewing machines but I'm a quilter too and just had to let you know how lovely this one is. I'm eyeing my scrap bins...

  4. Wow. Just wow. I am here for the machines, but dang that is amazing. Good work!

  5. Must say, this is my favorite. Worth all the work.

  6. Beautiful and timeless! This will be a forever quilt.