Saturday, January 2, 2016

Design Decisions

I finished piecing this quilt quite some time ago but did not feel confident enough to quilt it at that time.  It is a gift and I do want it to look nice.  It has been on the frame since well before Christmas.   My first excuse: no matching thread.  The thread arrived three days after I ordered it.  Lousy excuse.

I knew that I wanted to quilt feathers in the border.  When I finally got to it this morning, I decided that I could not quilt both borders the same.  I rode my VITA MASTER, walked the dogs and had more coffee.  On the walk I decided to just go with a meander and decided on the curly Q.  I like it,  but wish I were more skilled.  The good news?  I am getting better at SID (Stitch in the Ditch). 

The color matches perfectly (Signature Cotton Azure) so that mistakes aren't so noticeable.  Once again I must turn off the lights in the room and on the machine in order to see as I quilt.  No night time quilting for me.

I plan to avoid ruler work as much as possible.  I will not SID all of the HST and squares.  Instead I hope I can stitch straight lines using the seams as quides in each block.  It might be tedious but not as tedious as SID and will likely look better.  All that negative space between blocks lends itself to large loopy feathers.  We shall see.


  1. Love the curls and feathers. Like the way it moves across the quilt. So much better than meandering and SID. The quilt comes alive. Keep going. Done is better than perfect. Once it is washed and the stitching gets more dimensional, it will be so lovely.

  2. All that noise and bother about practice turns out to be true. Which is a great thing about being older; the years paid off.
    The sad thing is that there is never enough light in the room for me, or at the useful angle.

    And as an old gal, I say: make the mistakes look intentional. I surely have to look for yours, as surely as they are a neon beacon for you.