Sunday, September 8, 2013


Steven bought this cabinet for me a few years ago.  I am not particularly fond of it, but I want to clean it up and put a White Rotary Machine in it.  The original machine was not salvageable.   As a distraction I played with some GoJo and Formby's Furniture refinisher the other day. 

The Veneer is peeling; I will sand it and put a coat of poly on top to help smooth it out.  The Gojo works very nicely to clean the grime from the wood and it is not water based so it doesn't raise the grain. 

I used denatured alcohol on the drawers.  They cleaned up quite nicely too.

Too bad that the ornamental pieces on the front are missing, but it will be pretty just the same.  I wonder where I will put it?


  1. Did you apply the gojo using 000 wool. Why did you choose to use the DA for the drawers?
    The Gojo is kinda greasy, will you have to do something special to prep for the poly? I got my great grandmas 115 all cleaned up and running thanks to your blog. I still need to tackle the treadle. The finish is gone and it is super dusty. No rings on the top and the veneer looks solid.

    1. Yoanna, I used 0000 steel wool. I was playing around and decided to try the DA for the drawers. Lazy. I will sand the top before I put on poly.

    2. Hi Yoanna

      I got my baby (a Singer 201P) working thanks to E's help too! She is such an inspiration!! Have you got ideas on how you're going to restore the finish? (if that's what you're planning to do!)