Saturday, September 21, 2013


It was another great day, for me, anyway.  I am, at this point, exhausted.  It's a good tired, though.  You know the kind where you feel tired, but not cranky.  I spent the day with some truly wonderful people.   Our TOGA is small.  I like the intimacy. 

I reviewed the different belts I use on the treadles: leather, urethane and coil spring.  I showed off my cool tool.  The belt pliers. 

A. was busy with the 201.  I had demonstrated how to service the motor the day before and she dug into cleaning the rest of the machine.  Today she finished it.  That is a stand alone post and maybe one  day I will tell you all about it.  Not tonight, dear. I have a headache.

She also starred in the attachments demo:
You should have been there.  She WOWED us with her knowledge and skill.  She even made a zig zag attachment WORK.
Some of us sewed, some of us worked on machines, and some of us just hung around.  It was really quite chaotic.  Thank Goodness we were a small group. 

Tomorrow: more of the same.  Half day, though.  I am beat.

Would I do this again?  It certainly has been fun and a dream fulfilled.  To have others who love these machines come and play with me.  Honestly, I wish I had a better venue.  But for the price, this one was perfect. 


  1. I bet everyone learned something new at your toga. :)

  2. The stitches look great! :)

  3. Looks like a fun time for all. Glad it was a nice TOGA.