Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Genius, simply Genius

I am talking about my friend A.  She came to the TOGA, and besides saving my tuchus, she gave me the greatest idea for keeping fabric mouse free.

"Hang it up."

Well now, why didn't I think of that?

So today, instead of sewing or playing with my poor, neglected Juki serger, I organized the sewing loft.

I did not take a before photo.  Trust me, it was awful.   Stuff was piled on the cutting table.  That same stuff ended up on the floor because I needed the table for the TOGA.    L. saw the loft in its disarray.  I understand she has a beautiful, organized and tidy studio.  I don't hold it against her.  She is one of the loveliest people I have met in a long time.  So was I embarrassed when I took her to the loft over the weekend?  Nope. My 201-3 as a treadle was there.  I wanted to show it off.

I stole some plastic hangers from the closets.  I think that wooden ones would be stronger.  Some of the fabric is pretty heavy.   Oh good, something else to collect!

Now all the fabric is safe, I think.  I put smaller pieces in Sterlite storage bins.    Scraps, grouped  by color, went into gallon, plastic, freezer bags.  I had planned to dump the genuine, pressed board, fake cherry, paper veneered Barrister bookcase but found a use for it; housing the little plastic boxes of other scraps, grouped by color. (These photos were taken with my iPhone panorama option.  The ceiling doesn't really curve up and down like that.)

The hanging rack is on wheels.  I can park it anywhere I need to.  (Those black things hanging on the wall behind the rack are tracks for the quilt frame)
My loft is housed in a building with a gambrel roof.  The walls slope making for cheaper construction but less room.  That could be a good thing.

I think that you will agree; A had a brilliant idea.  She is a Genius.


  1. You have a nice work space with lots of good lighting and a wonderful window. My sewing area runs through two upstairs rooms in my house. My fabric is stashed in an antique cherry wardrobe that goes to the ceiling which we put shelves in. It holds a lot of fabric and is mouse proof since we live in the country and mice want to move in. My small pieces of fabric are stored in an oak lawyers bookcase on the shelves much as you have. Moths are my concern.
    Linda Z