Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Where have all the Onions gone?

 For some reason, people who belong to the Treadle On list call themselves Onions.  Since the TOGA is an offshoot of the Treadle On group,  maybe I am an Onion now too.  Who knows?  But the dogs were certainly lonely yesterday after spending the day with only me.

Over all I have had positive feedback.  It was a tremendous amount of work.  I won't do it again.

At the proverbial Eleventh Hour (i.e. early Sunday morning) I received an email from a woman who lives not far from here.  She saw the local ad on CL.  I emailed her back right away.  She came over with her White Rotary and we cleaned up the little bits with the ultrasound cleaner.

dirty bits

clean bits
We did get it back together.  There is a bit of a trick to putting the face plate back on a White Rotary and the likes, but that is for another post.

All in all, I would label this TOGA as a growth experience.  I met some truly wonderful people and have nurtured some friendships and started others.  I suppose none of that would have happened without the TOGA, for that I am grateful. 

Thanks to all of you who read this blog and who came to the event.  I could not have done it without you. 


  1. Many thanks to Elizabeth for sharing her space, skills, tools and knowledge with all of us who attended. I really appreciated the sessions on potted motors, comparison of treadle belts and A.'s thorough demo of those "mysterious" vintage attachments. Also want to thank everyone who participated - all had so much information and many brought along tasty treats to share. All in all, it was wonderful to be around so many fellow "Obsessionists" - just wish I didn't have to leave early. Elizabeth - you are a real GEM!

  2. I heard that the term onions came from a misspelling. They were writing a silly story about a place called Treadlonia and someone was calling them Treadlonians, but spelled it treadleonions, and everybody just started saying onions. At least i think that is correct. I'm glad you had a good time! I live too far away to have come, but sounds like fun!

  3. Missy Shay is correct about the origin of the term Onions. And yes Elizabeth, you are now an Onion. If you are new to Treadlonia you are a green onion and if you are injured while playing with People Powered machines you get the Order of the Purple Onion. I learned this first hand from my friend and neighbor in Minneapolis, Treadle Annie. She is a very mature onions. One of the first. She and Cindy Peters have indoctrinated me in the Onion ways and now I have a tiny TOGA in my tiny section of North Dakota. There were five of us this year.