Monday, September 2, 2013


 I love Foam and Fabric Outlet in Asheville.  I bought some denim remnants for 2 dollars a pound so that I could make a tote bag for Alice.  I also found some upholstery remnants for a buck a pound.  While I was pawing through the upholstery bin I recognized some of the fabric; Crypton.  It was almost the same design as that of my couch slip covers.  I passed on it but bought some really lovely stuff. I spent five bucks, total.

When I finally got around to cutting out the pieces for the denim tote bag I discovered that I had bought one piece of stretch denim.  ICK.  I used it anyway.  Not the best decision but Alice didn't care. I also cut the straps too short.  I couldn't make longer ones because I used up all the interfacing I had with me.  I fused it to the straps before stitching them up.  It helped with the STRETCH. The tote bag turned out all right; it won't be entered in a contest and is functional so I should be satisfied.  She likes it and that's what counts.
 The little Kenmore 158.1040 had no problems going through the multiple layers.  The bag is sewn with French seams and I was a bit worried it would not be able to navigate the bulk.  I used Alice's machine to sew the boxed bottom.  Then she needed her machine so I returned to the 1040 for the last seam.  It walked right through all those layers.  I was impressed.

We all know how therapeutic sewing can be. After my long drive on Friday and Saturday,  I needed therapy, big time.   Yesterday, my first day at home, I headed for the sewing loft.  I reorganized the space a bit.  That was good for me, too.    I would love to show you photos of it.  But after two hours of hauling bins and moving machines, it still looks pretty messy.  Too much stuff.

Finally, I had a chance to sew another tote with the upholstery fabric.  I like this one much better.
You know how it is on the learning curve.  Each time you make something you figure out another trick or technique.  I decided to make one more.  I promised a friend I would make her a summery looking tote.  I had made one for her in NC but I absolutely hate it.  (A totally different design, too)

For some reason I had trouble with the pocket and the straps on this one.  I am not as happy with it but it sure is summery looking!  I lined it and put a pocket on the inside.  It's chintz so it has that shiny surface.  I think it will make a nice beach tote.

 Summer is over.  We had a hot day today but the front moved through, dumped some rain on us and shook up the skies (and Wilson) with some thunder and lightening.  The TOGA is coming up.  Now I have to get seriously busy.  No more play time.  WORK WORK WORK 


  1. I like the totes. The big one could hold a lot, and the material is nice. I like the way the straps are attached to the summer tote and the flowered bottom. Did you make the pattern.
    Linda from Missouri

    1. Thanks Linda. You can't tell from the photos, but they are the same size! I copied this from a tote that Mom had made years ago. She claims that she gave me the pattern,as if I could find it anywhere! HAH!

  2. They all look lovely!! Wow - my mind is still spinning from your great escape. How is Wilson doing?

    1. Wilson is just glad to be home and he always makes it through the T'storms!